Our community ties have been crucial to our histories—from supporting our progress and celebrating our successes, to providing us support when we most need it.

We care about each other’s health and well-being. We want to be able to get up every day and contribute to our families and communities. So, when there are larger issues affecting Black people, we need to be aware in order to act.

We don’t hear enough about the impact that multiple myeloma has on all of us. By sharing the facts, we can better understand this disease and how it’s treated if we’re ever diagnosed.

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I think as a community, we have to hold arms if you’re going through something, proactively check on your friends.

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— Keith Casim Elam

Son of Guru, founding member of Gang Starr

In consideration of the time spent participating in this activity, Keith Casim Elam was paid an honorarium by Janssen.

Although our communities give us strength, we can still face challenges within the healthcare system. At times, we may feel that we aren’t getting the best care possible—that we don’t have control over our own health. But we do. We can take proactive steps to stay healthy. We decide which doctor we want to see and how often.