We might share different aspects of our lives with different people, depending on what we’re comfortable revealing. It takes courage to open up about our health, but the payoff can be worth it. When we share these concerns with others, we force ourselves out of isolation and into community.

Sharing our truth helps build awareness for multiple myeloma.

Knowing our truth helps us to get the treatment we deserve.

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A healthy you means a healthy us

We thrive when we look out for one another. By being healthy, we help serve the people we care about in a meaningful way. If we set an example for healthy living, we can change how future generations think about health care.

Changing the course for healthier communities starts with a promise to:


See the doctor more often to treat problems before they get worse.


Know which illnesses affect Black people more than others, so we can discuss them with our doctors.


Share what we know with others, so they can have better experiences.