That’s My Word™ promise videos

While there is no cure for multiple myeloma, there are things we can do to catch it earlier, treat it, and live with it. Simple things, like getting a routine physical and getting bloodwork done. But it all starts with us making a promise to get the facts about the disease. That’s step one. — D.L. Hughley, Comedian, Actor, and Radio Host.

Real talk with D.L. Hughley

Cultural commentator and comedian D.L. Hughley invites us to make a promise to get the facts on multiple myeloma.

Stephanie Hubbard shares the story of her husband’s journey

After learning that her husband had multiple myeloma, Stephanie committed herself to helping him through treatment so they could live life to the fullest for as much time as they had left together. Now she’s sharing her story to honor the life and legacy left by her late husband, Leonard “Hub” Hubbard, the original bassist for the Roots.

Ellen Dillard keeps it real on the topic of multiple myeloma

As a nurse practitioner in Detroit, Ellen knows exactly why it’s so important for us to get the facts on multiple myeloma. She talks with D.L. about how the disease disproportionately affects Black communities and tells us what we need to know about early diagnosis and treatment.