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Our commitment

Historically, Black communities have faced discrimination designed to limit their opportunities. As a result, they continue to experience unique health challenges in accessing the best health care.

At Janssen, we’ve recognized that we need to do things differently to provide you with the best care. Our dedication to health equity means prioritizing your health outcomes.

We have a responsibility to help eradicate racial and social injustice as a public health threat. This is why we are determined to find solutions that help empower you to take control of the quality of your care.

It’s a big mission, but we believe it’s possible.

The barriers that Black men and women face with multiple myeloma care can no longer be ignored. That’s My Word™ is an effort to bring together leaders of Black communities, Black health organizations, and a team of diverse people with a shared purpose—to ensure we authentically portray the richness of the Black experience and help save the lives of Black men and women.

We see you. We hear you. And we are doing something about it.

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At Janssen Oncology, we are inspired by our mission to reimagine care, redefine living, and are committed to working with the community and patient advocates like yourselves to identify, understand, and help solve for the health disparities that exist at every step of the patient journey.

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— Tyrone Brewer

US President, Janssen Oncology

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Even as a comedian, there is nothing funny about not taking my health seriously. Culturally, we have an inherent fear of knowing we have a terminal disease, especially cancer. Cancer runs in my immediate family, so there are things I have to do stay on top of my health. Being aware, early detection, and knowing what you can do are key. That's My WordTM. That's my Multiple Myeloma Promise.

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— D.L. Hughley

Cultural Commentator & Comedian