You’ve taken the first step toward learning about multiple myeloma (MM), a rare blood cancer that impacts Black people more than other groups—now what?

By making this promise to ourselves, we are also promising to share what we know about MM and to spread awareness to those we love so we:

  • Understand our MM risk
  • Know what MM signs and symptoms to look out for
  • Make better health decisions and see our doctor more often to help preserve our overall health and monitor our chance of MM
  • Have a voice and speak up about MM with our doctor if it’s not on their radar
  • Don’t wait to take action, regardless of where we are on the MM journey
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It’s not only making a promise for yourself, it’s also an act of sacrifice and making a promise for those that we love.

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— Stephanie Hubbard

Wife of Leonard "Hub" Hubbard, original bassist for The Roots

In consideration of the time spent participating in this activity, Stephanie Hubbard was paid an honorarium by Janssen.