Real talk with D.L. Hughley

Cultural commentator and comedian D.L. Hughley invites us to make a promise to get the facts on multiple myeloma.

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D.L.: “Hey, now, uh, listen, y'all, I've been called a lot of things. . . from a cultural commentator to a King of comedy, to a list of things I can't even repeat. But those closest to me call me a father, a husband, a brother, a grandfather, and a friend.

I try to make us and our well-being my business, and that is all about introducing us to threats, inequities, and obstacles that we as Black people face every day. But, well I think I missed one because I was recently made aware of a threat that did not even make my original list. It is called multiple myeloma. It is a rare blood cancer and most of us don't even know it exists.

Listen, while there is no cure for multiple myeloma, there are things we can do to catch it earlier, to treat it, and to live with it. Simple things like getting a routine physical and getting blood work done. But it all starts with us making a promise to get the facts about the disease. That’s step one.

Join me on Facebook and Instagram at That’sMyWordMM to find out more and get the facts. Let’s make a promise to take care of ourselves today, so we can be here for the ones who need us the most tomorrow. I’mma see you there.”