When you become a multiple myeloma (MM) care partner, you may find yourself in an unfamiliar position. It can be especially challenging if the person is your spouse, partner, or parent.

It may be one of the most fulfilling—and demanding—jobs out there. And it’s okay to ask for help.

Many care partners say that, looking back, they took too much on themselves. Or, they wish they had asked for help from friends or family sooner. Take an honest look at what you do and accept what you may not be able to do all on your own.

Honoring your word also means recognizing your limits.

Whatever your situation, it can be tough to balance caring for a loved one with other parts of your life, your career, your children, and even your own health.

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The greatest position we could ever have is being in service to other people. That gave me purpose and strength because it’s an act of love.

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— Stephanie Hubbard

Wife of Leonard "Hub" Hubbard, original bassist for The Roots

In consideration of the time spent participating in this activity, Stephanie Hubbard was paid an honorarium by Janssen.